Spring cleaning came a little early this year!

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Spring cleaning came a little early this year!

Spring cleaning? More like beginning of the year cleaning!

The Heyward House closed down from Jan. 5 through Jan. 10 so that the staff and some volunteers would be able to do some major cleaning! And let me tell ya, we got a lot of stuff done! We were able to do a deep clean of the downstairs and the upstairs. We were also able to completely  re-organize the upstairs (YAY!), so now we know exactly what we’ve got to work with. We weren’t able to do all the renovations we wanted to do, but hopefully we will be able to do all of that soon!

We were also able to move some things around in the house, and it looks great! We were finally able to set up a display case where all of the artifacts are set up now. The plantation desk looks more like an actual in use desk now. We’ve got a Harper’s Weekly on the desk that talks about the assassination of Lincoln, and a wanted poster for John Wilkes Booth! We also moved some stuff around in the Lady’s parlor so now it’s more open and not so crowded.

We are very happy with all the work that we’ve accomplished and we would like to thank everyone for bearing with us while we were closed.


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